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Reception Toiletries Basket Print EMail
Written by James   
Sunday, 30 August 2009 16:21

1. The concept: Your guests will find themselves in the restrooms at some point over the course of your wedding and reception. Between sitting for a while at the church, traveling to the reception venue, eating a meal, having some drinks, sticking around while the happy couple departs... a guest might him- or herself in need of some thing they aren't likely to have brought. How considerate you are to have thought ahead and provided it!

2. You need two baskets. Unless you already know that the reception venue only has one unisex bathroom (and, likely it doesn't), you'll need one for each bathroom. You could go with just the one for the ladies' lounge, but the gentlemen would appreciate it too and it's just as easy to make two as one.

3. The contents (these are just ideas -- one can go far above and beyond this list. The asterisked items were suggested by Dawnie.): breath mints and breath strips individually wrapped toothpicks small Band-aids tablet antacids like Tums safety pins individual packets of an OTC pain reliever like Advil or Excedrin pocket-packs of tissues a few matchbooks (plain, or from the venue, please) *travel bottle of hand sanitizer *Shout wipes or other stain-remover wipes a few new AA batteries a small pair of scissors Additionally, in the ladies' basket: a travel-sized hair spray a few tampons and pads a bottle of clear nail polish hand lotion bobby pins a couple of emery boards a packet of replacement earring backs from

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